Paniq Room


No charge for kids under 7y.o

If everyone is under 12, an adult is needed

As seen on:

SuperCell 117

You find yourselves in a prison-cell handcuffed and blindfolded with stifling smoke. You have no idea how you got here. Your team has been separated into two neighbouring cells. You quickly realise you’re going to have to work together if you want to make it out.

But hurry – the guards will be back in just one hour, and who knows what will happen when they arrive!


You enter the abandoned house of a mysterious magician in search of his lost book of secrets. As you continue, the doors close behind you and there doesn’t seem to be a way back.

Is the magician still around? Don’t let him mess with your mind. You need to overcome the magician’s tricks and escape using your senses.

You may lose your sense of time, but remember that you only have 60 minutes to get out! If you don’t, the magician will be stuck in your mind forever.


There is a rat in the Corleone family. The rat has fallen in love with the daughter of a rival mafia boss, and to win the trust of her family, has stolen an incriminating tape from the Godfather himself.

The rat has copied the tape and has made you an offer you can’t refuse. He needs your help to smuggle the tape back into the safe of the Godfather’s house before the Godfather even knows it’s missing.

Can you find a way to sneak through the Godfather’s garden and enter his office? You’ll have to hurry. The Godfather is at a christening that will end in an hour, and if he catches you in his office, you and your team will all be sleeping with the fishes!

House of Jumanji

You hear sounds of distant drumming from a dark corner of your new house. The drumming grows louder as you move closer to an ancient board game. Strange carvings on the board say “A game for those who seek to find, a way to leave their world behind”.

You roll the dice to move your token. Unusual sounds and mysterious animals appear in every corner! Your next steps determine your fate. Can you find the magic words, and escape before it’s too late?

The Hotel Lift

You are in a 1940’s hotel with your friends. The bellboy isn’t in today, so you’ll have to carry your own bags. But the lift only fits a few. A few of you get into the lift while the others wait outside.

Suddenly, a fire breaks out in the hotel, trapping half your team in the lift! Your teammates outside will have get the lift working if you want to escape. But even if you get the power on and the lift working, it won’t be that easy.

All the doors in the lobby are locked and there’s no way out. Can you find a way to open the door before the fire reaches the lower floors?


The wizarding world is in peril, and only you can help! Dark forces are on their way to your wizarding school, and it’s up to you to stop them.

To defeat them, you’ll need your trusty broom, and it’s unfortunately been locked in the school’s highest tower.

In order to find your broom, you’ll have to sneak into the school unnoticed, escape the potion master’s dungeon and overcome all the tricks of the headmaster’s study.

But hurry up – dawn is only an hour away, and the forces of darkness will be here by daybreak!

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